Repairing Faulty Sprinkler System Valves

Posted on April 16th, 2014

Repairing Faulty Sprinkler System Valves

Repairing Faulty Sprinkler System Valves

One of the more common problems that sprinkler system contractors and repair technicians encounter on a fairly regular basis is faulty valves. In many cases, it is the solenoid that fails and causes the valve to malfunction. Most of the electrical components of a sprinkler system are usually reliable. However, solenoid failure is a relatively common problem since it is both an electrical and mechanical component.

An automatic drip system or sprinkler system keeps your lawn looking beautiful and conserves water at the same time. But all it takes in one faulty valve to hinder the looks of your lawn and waste water. In order to minimize any damage to your lawn, you should have any valve problem taken care of as soon as you notice there is a problem. If a valve quits working properly, then you need to decide if a simple repair will fix the issue or if you need to replace it completely. So narrowing down the cause of the problem will be helpful.

Although some sprinkler system repairs are best left to a professional sprinkler system repair technician, there are a couple of troubleshooting tips to be aware of:

Your sprinkler valve doesn't shut off - a valve that doesn't shut off is malfunctioning because either the rubber gasket or diaphragm is damaged or torn or there is debris inside of it. Rebuilding a valve is very common when repairing a sprinkler system and you can find valve repair kits that come with a new diaphragm as well as other components. If you're an experienced DIY'er, you can probably do the repairs yourself. Otherwise you should just call a contractor or technician to do the repairs for you.

Your sprinkler valve won't turn on - usually, when a valve doesn't turn on there is either an electrical problem or an issue with the water supply. The best place to start is by ruling out any water supply issues by checking out the other system valves to see if they are getting water to them and turning on. Here are two troubleshooting tips:

Check for a solenoid or wiring problem - if there is only a single valve that isn't activating, try to turn it on by hand. If it works when you activate it manually, then the solenoid or the wiring is most likely the problem.

The water source may be turned off - this is evidenced by the fact that none of the valves appear to be working or turning on. To correct this, just turn the water source back on.

You can usually find solenoids and replacement components for most sprinkler system valves at the big box home improvement stores, direct from the manufacturer, or from an irrigation or sprinkler system supply. Before reordering the solenoid or valve replacement kit, make sure that you know the manufacturer and model number.

There are numerous variations that won't be compatible with your system, so be sure you have the correct information before you order the parts. A professional sprinkler system contractor or repair technician will know this information. So if you aren't absolutely certain about which parts you need, trust the experts to order the parts and do the repair work for you. Additionally, make sure the sprinkler system contractor or technician is reputable and based in your local area as they will be more knowledgeable of the climate and the best equipment to use.

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