Keep Your Lawn Green And Save Water By Properly Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

Posted on May 16th, 2014

Keep Your Lawn Green And Save Water By Properly Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

Keep Your Lawn Green And Save Water By Properly Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

The single most important element that is essential to having a green, healthy lawn and properly caring for it is watering. No matter what type of grass you have planted on your property, that water is the life of that lawn. Granted, the elimination of weeds and seeding bare patches are also critical to proper lawn care. However, if your sprinkler system is not functioning properly, your lawn will begin to fade and will eventually die. So if you are having sprinkler system problems, call a professional to correct those issues.

One of the most effective ways to properly water your lawn and conserve this most valuable resource is with an irrigation drip system or sprinkler system. Whether a system is installed on commercial or residential properties, the primary reason for having one is because you can set it and forget it. Just keep in mind that there are going to be times when parts need to replaced and repairs need to be made. Unless you are a skilled DIY'er that can do the work, you should contact a sprinkler system contractor to do the job for you.

You can usually determine when a part of the system is broken or damaged because you will find leaks or sprinkler heads that are not working at all. In some situations, a crack or a leak will cause your water pressure to be insufficient. So instead of spraying like it should, the water just leaks out of the sprinkler head and goes to waste. If you find that a sprinkler head is broken or there are leaks in the system, you need to have these issues repaired as soon as possible so that you're not wasting water and your lawn doesn't start dying.

Your lawn should only be watered when it is needed. So the best way to ensure that it is not over or under watered lawn is by having an automated drip or sprinkler system that you can set with a timer. Remember, over watering can be just as detrimental to your lawn as not watering it enough. The easiest way to determine if your lawn is being watered properly is by looking at your grass. For instance, when your lawn is not getting enough water:

  • The grass doesn't bounce back after you step on it and footprints remain longer than they normally would
  • The lawn takes on a bluish-green tint
  • The older blades of grass begin curling up

Conversely, the most common sign that a lawn is being overwatered is that there will be a number of areas where the ground is soggy and wet while the thatch is thicker than normal and you have to mow your lawn more frequently. When the topsoil is soggy, normal wear and tear will cause greater, long-lasting damage than under normal circumstances.

Most importantly, when a lawn is over watered, the areas that do not receive sufficient sunlight will rot and your lawn will become increasingly more susceptible to disease. If you start noticing the signs of over or under watering, have your sprinkler system thoroughly checked out by a contractor or technician. They will be able to pinpoint the problem and recommend how to correct these issues so that your system is operating more efficiently and you have a beautiful, green lawn at the same time.

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