The Primary Tips For Fast Water Restoration

Posted on May 2nd, 2014

The Primary Tips For Fast Water Restoration

The Primary Tips For Fast Water Restoration

Whether you own commercial property or are a homeowner, anytime you water damage, it can be an extremely stressful time and can be financially devastating. When you have suffered heavy losses of this nature, you may be tempted to handle the clean-up, restoration, and salvaging tasks on your own in order to save money. However, projects of this type are best left in the hands of a professional fire and water restoration service rather than handling them on a DIY basis.

In order to protect your home or office from further damage and health risks associated with mold, quick water restoration may be your best option. In order to minimize the amount of damage that is experienced, the water restoration process must be performed quicker than what it normally is. A professional fire and water restoration service knows what will enable them to perform quick water restoration within a 24 to 48-hour time period. The following is a list of solutions that are most commonly used.

Removing water quickly - during the first stages of the process, it is important that only effective, proven solutions are utilized. Basic mopping and toweling are used initially to absorb a considerable amount of the water that is left standing. Ceiling and window fans as well as dehumidifiers and heaters will usually be turned on l to hasten the drying process. Be sure that you discuss your circumstances with your homeowner�s insurance carrier as many of them require that you contact a fire and water restoration service to do the work.

Protective measures - when a house gets flooded due to natural disasters or the act of putting out a fire, flooring and carpeting will most likely be damaged, some beyond repair. This will necessitate the replacement of your floors and carpets. The first step involves completely removing the carpeting and padding and then following that by applying special chemicals to the surface in order to prevent mold from growing. If only water removal is required, then a vacuum extraction pump will be used.

Upholstered furniture protection - the success of a quick water restoration process is based on how well you can minimize the amount of furniture damage that occurs. So the quicker the process is finished, the better the chance of saving your upholstered furniture. As was mentioned above, the fire and water restoration service will use certain types of equipment such as air-blowers, dehumidifiers, driers, and heavy duty fans to dry things out quicker. Additionally, if the days are sunny, you can set your upholstered furniture outdoors in order to dry out the cushions and fabric.

The quick water restoration process decreases the risk of having to replace your expensive furniture and other valuable pieces. The process helps to reduce the amount of damage that occurs to your home and property as well.

The quick water restoration process is not a job that you want to tackle by yourself. The best option is to always hire a professional fire and water restoration service to do this kind of work for you. They have the equipment, the experience, the expertise, and the manpower to get the job done properly. You should also be able to get help from the service when you are dealing with your insurance company's claims adjuster. Most importantly, they will usually provide an insurance specialist who can handle the paperwork process for you.

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