4 Tips to Keep Your Rural Home Secure

Posted on September 5th, 2018

4 Tips to Keep Your Rural Home Secure

4 Tips to Keep Your Rural Home Secure

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, it is important to remember that a burglar will not discriminate, and a home break-in is always a possibility no matter where you live.  Furthermore, when taking a closer look at the statistics, you will find that household burglary in rural areas is actually higher than in the suburbs.

Now that you know it is a possibility, what can you do to protect your home and assets?

Invest in Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of the main things you can do as a homeowner to protect your home and property. If you live in a rural area, then you probably live on a lot of land, and you find that it is hard to monitor every inch of it.

If you purchase outdoor security cameras that are then synced with a home surveillance system, you can effectively monitor more areas on your property, and you can secure the land, detect any activity, and record any disturbances there may be.

So, where should you place the cameras to maximize their effectiveness?

  • At the front and rear entrances of the property including at the end of the driveway
  • Above all the entry and exit points of the home
  • At all four corners of the property’s perimeter
  • Around any outdoor buildings, you have such as garages, sheds, or barns

Motion Activated Lights

For added protection and to use synonymously with security cameras, motion activated lights are a good investment and can provide you with a much clearer and brighter picture of the property. Since the lights turn on when motion is detected, it also provides an easier way to monitor several areas of the property at one time.

Like with the security cameras, these motion activated lights should be placed in all the same locations. If you are able to shine some light on the darkest areas of the home and property, you will be effectively deterring thieves that prefer a blanket of darkness.

Locking Gates for Driveways

Rural areas often have long driveways, and many of them have gates. If you don’t have a gated driveway, then that is another consideration to make. Having a locked gate provides another layer of protection as well as another barrier between yourself and any potential burglars or criminals.

Access control systems can also be used so you can make sure that the gate always remains locked and you will also be aware of who is coming and going. Access control systems can be used in other areas of the property as well to make it easier to monitor people on the property.

Install Alarms in All Structures

Finally, you should make sure to install alarms in all of the structures you may have on your property, and most rural properties do take advantage of all the space they have. Sheds and garages, for example, may be structures on your property that house valuables you want to make sure remain protected.

These alarms will be able to detect whenever a door or a window is opened in one of these structures, and then you can have the combination of the audible and visual alarm that can send an alert to your mobile device.

Having all these systems in place can definitely offer the protection and security your rural home and property needs.

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